Bluff Entertainment Lighting provides only the top quality when it comes to equipment.  From chairs to the latest in LED lighting you can count of our equipment to get your through your production.  We back up our equipment and if it goes down on set and you need it replaced or blow a globe and need a replacement we will take care of you 24/7.  We have spent the last 20+ years in production out on location and on the stage and understand what it is like when you have a break down and production comes to a stop.  We will do everything we can do to make sure we can get you back up and running as quickly as possible.  Other rental houses close their doors at closing and won’t be avail till the next day to take care of your break down, but here at Bluff Entertainment Lighting we always have someone on call 24hr a day to make sure that we can give you the production support you need when your shooting those long hours.


Email today and get your quote for your next production, we are here to help with all your equipment needs.


Out on location shooting at the Farm house from Justified. We supported the show with all the equipment.

Night Shoot? No problem. We have Generators that will fit your needs.

From small to large packages we have solutions that will fit your needs.

Bluff Entertainment Lighting is here to help, we will take care of all your equipment needs.

From Tungsten fresnels to the latest LED lighting units, Bluff Ent. Lighting can build your package that fits your needs.

The right equipment for the job is always the goal. We can give options if your not sure what you will need.

Need to push a sunset through your scene. We can set you up with our large HMI units that will punch hard and give you the ability to create the look you see in your head.

Set and location power is important. And having a generator go down in the middle of shooting just won’t do. our units are all kept in new condition and ready to work. Always serviced and kept in like new condition to make sure they will have a 100% up time for your production. Don’t get fooled by low cost generators, you pay for what you get and down time is expensive.

Local 80 pushing Local 600 around on a Chapman. We can set you up with your dolly needs when you order your grip and lighting with us.

Out on location this production used our Stake Bed Generator truck and 3-Ton grip truck to meet their production requirements. From small units to big 24K HMI or ARRI MAX we have the ability to fill your order.