Welcome to Bluff Entertainment Lighting.  We are here to help you with all your production needs.  From grip and lighting equipment, Generators, Trucks, and of course production supplies.  Email us with your grip and lighting equipment lists and we will put together a quote for you. Please let us know if you have any special requests or you have questions about equipment or special location needs.  We have seen a lot over the last 20 years and have created a lot of great solutions for our clients.  Our clients are our number one priority and we go the extra mile to make sure their production runs as smooth as it can.  From after hour pick up and drop off to delivery and pick up from your location we will make sure your needs are taken care of.  Need a generator dropped off at one location and then moved to another? No Problem, we can move your generator and also fuel it if you are going to be leaving it in one location for multiple days.  Some shows have different grip equipment needs over the run of the show.  We are happy to set up a schedule with you for drop off and pick up through out your show to keep your truck on location working.  Saving money by adding equipment when you need it and send it back when your don’t doesn’t only free up your truck space for other needs, it helps your budget stay on point.  Head over to our Contact Us Page to send your list and we will get your quote out to your shortly.

Thank you for choosing Bluff Entertainment Lighting for your Production and grip equipment needs and we look forward to making your production run smoothly.


Dwight A. Galbraith

Bluff Entertainment Lighting

New Arri Skypanel S360-C on set working.

Out on location in Palm Springs.

Out on location in Palm Springs with the Golf Chanel. Anywhere your location Bluff Entertainment Lighting is there with you.