Bluff Entertainment Lighting is ready to get your rolling.  From a Sprinter Van to a Twin Pack Production Van with a 48′ Lighting Trailer we are ready to move.  Our most popular trucks are 3-Ton and 4-Ton cube trucks.  these are used as grip or lighting trucks or dolly cubes and shorty forty’s.  We also have 5-Ton and 7-Ton Grip trucks packages to fill your needs.  Not enough room? Move up to our 48′ Trailer and have more than you need.  It can be built as an electric truck or grip truck with racking built out per your needs.  We also have tow generators and stake bed mounted generators for your production.  If you are going to go big we have Tractor mounted Generators to go with the larger 48′ footer packages.  We are here to take care of your needs and will make sure you have everything you need for your shoot.


Email today and get your quote for your next show.


48′ Trailer ready to roll out on your next show.

7-Ton Grip Truck ready to roll on your next production.

600 Amp Generator Stakebed. Get closer to your location. This was in Palm Springs for The GOLF Channel.

Load up your package and drive out to the remote location. In this case a PGA Golf Course in Palm Springs for The GOLF Channel.