Produciton support

Daily Action

Gear in, Gear out

Here at Bluff Lighting we pride ourselves at providing the best production support 24/7.  From after hours delivery and pick up to weekend service.  Every production is unique and has different needs and we are here to help make your production run smoothly.

LED Lights

Tomorrows Lighting Today

On todays sets we are using many more LED lights compaired to even 5 years ago.  We carry the latest LED lights from Daylight and Bi-Color and now RGB.  Some of our most requested lights would be the popular Astera Titan and Helios tube kits to our new full line of the Aputure Lightstorm Bowens mount light sorces.  Panel lights like the Arri Skypanel S60 are always a go to for gaffers when they need a solid punchy source that can be nice and soft.


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