Our Services

Here at Bluff Lighting we pride ourselves at providing the best production support 24/7. From after hours delivery and pick up to weekend service. Every production is unique and has different needs and we are here to help make your production run smoothly.

Van Packages

Our Van Packages are well thought out.  The package comes on carts ready to roll to set along with space to add on your lighting and distro cart needs.  We carry a full line of LED lighting along with the ever popular HMI and Tungsten lighting solutions to make your production run smoothly.

Turck Package

When you rent from Bluff Lighting you are getting the support you need.  From grip and lighting add on equipment needs to drop off and pick up 24/7.  Our truck packages are on carts and have plenty of room to add on your lighting and grip needs.  Need more than fits in your truck? no problem. We also do drop loads at your location.

Roll-on Package

Sometimes you aren’t in need of one of our trucks or vans but still need a grip and lighting package.  No problem.  We have created our Roll-On packages just for those needs.  These are also great for single location shoots where you don’t have the room for a truck of van to be parked there.  Just have the Roll-On package rolled into your location and you can return the vehicle until your wrap day.

Grip and Lighting

Making sure you have the latest and best equipment for your shoot is paramount.  We pride ourselves on having the equipment that you want and need.  We are always in the process of buying new equipment and filling out our inventory to meed the demand of the new wave of LED lighting.

Get your quote.

The fastest way to get your package is to email our rentals department today and get your quote.  We work with all sizes of productions from Student films up to Union Features.